Comic Book Informer Episode 178: SDCC 2014

This week, Vince and I discuss our favorite announcements to come out of SDCC 2014. There was a lot of fun news last week. We didn’t try to cover it all, as that would take hours, but rather just touched on some of our favorite bits.

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Ms Marvel #6

I love that this is a real comic and that I got to draw it. And I love that tumblr has uploaded THE ENTIRE ISSUE as photosets. But mostly I love drawing grumpy li’l Wolverines.

If you’re not reading this book then you’re really missing out. Kamala has been a superhero for a week and Wolverine is already there.  What a perfect time for her to ask why this “lone wolf” is in on every team up under the sun.

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tokyo’s godzilla statue in the rain

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YES, AWESOME! More female-led books from Marvel, and it’s Spider-Woman, this’ll be great!


What … no NO NO … MARVEL WHY??? All we’ll get is sameface and porn poses and weird hips!

Well, let me not jump the gun, maybe it won’t be that bad.


Well, I guess I’ve seen worse … wait a second, what’s THAT??


Where are her calves … and why no feet, what IS THIS? 


I can’t … you know what, I give up. 

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A Day Off




I won’t be posting any more John Byrne images for today. Just one day, tomorrow I’ll be back. This is the reason why.

John Byrne today on his website:

Just spent a few minutes on the IMDb, clicking thru images of fans in costume at San Diego. A reminder of one of the many reasons I don’t do…

Fucking hate this attitude about policing cosplayers and hate it even MORE when pros do it.


Also, I don’t know your wife, but tell her that I said she was EXACTLY the perfect size to cosplay Batgirl.

EXACTLY right.

John Byrne’s been a fuck boi since ‘86. Surprised anyone still messes with him.

This is why we can’t have nice things.

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Galaxy Quest (1999)

I had originally not wanted to see Galaxy Quest because I heard that it was making fun of Star Trek. Then Jonathan Frakes rang me up and said ‘You must not miss this movie! See it on a Saturday night in a full theater.’ And I did, and of course I found it was brilliant. Brilliant. No one laughed louder or longer in the cinema than I did. - Patrick Stewart

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Episode 177: TMNT « Comic Book Informer

I can’t stress enough just how surprisingly great this comic is and it just keeps getting better with time.


Episode 18: Paul Newman | Popcorn Ronin

When thinking of my top 100 movies of all time, mentally playing with the idea of classifying the movies which had the most impact on me as a viewer, there are more than just a couple Paul Newman films. When thinking of which films we could discuss on this episode, it was not an easy task to select just three.

In this episode, we discuss Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, The Hustler and Cool Hand Luke

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goddammit steve

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